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Outreach Programs


Feet2Street is a transformative monthly street outreach program that aims to alleviate hunger and provide essential support to individuals experiencing homelessness. Through our initiative, volunteers engage in meaningful service by providing nourishing meals, clean water, and basic hygiene items directly to those in need, all on foot.

The Good Resume Project by COAC provides career readiness services to underserved communities facing employment barriers. Our coaches and volunteers offer personalized assistance to refine resumes, practice interview skills, and learn job search strategies. We empower individuals with tools and knowledge to break the cycle of poverty and create pathways to economic mobility, believing that everyone has the potential to achieve their career goals and build a better future.


The Gift A Student program collaborates with schools and colleges to identify students in need and provide them with essential toiletries and food. Our aim is to level the playing field and give these students an equal opportunity to succeed by offering support and resources that may be inaccessible. With the help of volunteers and partners, we distribute care packages filled with non-perishable food items and toiletries, alleviating food and hygiene insecurity and empowering students to focus on their education. This program is a meaningful investment in the future of students and a brighter tomorrow for all.

COAC Cares is a remarkable biannual event that brings together compassionate businesses dedicated to making a profound impact on the lives of the chronically homeless population. Our platform facilitates the collaboration of these businesses, enabling them to utilize their services to provide essential support, including food, personal care, healthcare, and holistic care.

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